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How do I order a tree?

Click on the Shop tab! 

Why order a tree?

They are not just trees, they are memories... proceeds raised beyond expenditures will support grief and trauma efforts through scholarships, education, and community groups within Downers Grove. 

Are you a non-profit organization?

Yes! We are excited to be a 501c3 recognized organization. 

How can I help?

1. Purchase a tree

2. Make a donation

3. Volunteer: Spread the word with our flyer! Sign-up to help the day of with tree pick-up, delivery, and installation. 

Is there a deadline to purchase a tree?

We will sell until inventory is sold out. 

Where will I pick up my tree?

We will let you know, trees arrive mid-November.


Can I gift a tree?

Yes! Please add the information in the "comments" section.

How do I install my tree?

Check out this video

If we chose delivery is it automatically installed?


Do I get to pick my tree from the pile?

No, the trees are wrapped with twine, they are all 5-6' Balsam Firs and Spruce

Do I have to plug my tree into an outlet?

Yes, you will need an extension cord that runs to your tree in your front yard.


Are you planting a tree in my yard?

No, the tree will be attached with zip ties to the stake in your yard.


How do I dispose of my tree?

Downers Grove offers tree recycling at the curb during the month of January. Lights and pole are yours. Keep your pole for next year!

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